Leading U.S. Companies and BPC Launch Physical Activity Challenge

The CEO Council on Health and Innovation and the Bipartisan Policy Center have invited U.S. companies to join them in improving the health of employees through physical activity. Called the “Building Better Health: Physical Activity Challenge,” the effort is aimed at improving the health of individuals nationwide. The challenge is part of the commitment the CEO Council made last year when it released Building Better Health: Innovative Strategies from America’s Business Leaders, a report that highlighted strategies and actions to improve employee and community health, as well as health care delivery.

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The CEO Council on Health and Innovation

The American business community is a powerful force for change. Making national progress toward health care’s triple aim — better health, better quality care, and lower costs — will not only improve the health of the nation, it will also contribute to global competitiveness for U.S. companies. But this progress will require leadership and action. The CEO Council strongly endorses the many opportunities for both leadership and action that are detailed in this report, and urges employers to take note and take action.

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– Estimate of what an unhealthy population costs U.S. employers annually.

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